Rute Marta Jansone

Homesong (Mājudziesma). series inspired by Eduards Virza' poem Straumēni. 2016
Gum bichromat + silkscreen on Cotton Conqueror paper. 59.5 x 42 cm

The series Homesing exists in an event horizon where visions, quotes and direct reality observations converge, maintaining a subtle balance
between a quite different ways of searching. The viewer has a chance to find his own segment of interest – nature's depictions, symbolism,
illusions, mood. 

Art is a dialogue with oneself – both for the author and for recipient. In a certain way it is comparable to learning and developing the sense of
cultural values. In this view, Homesong is a reflection of internal reality that has arisen in the impression of sensual, visible and audible world.
The idealistic concept of the series is inspired by poem Straumēni by Eduards Virza, but the artwork does not illustrate the text, it is
a multidimensional reflection through images, symbols and feelings. Creativity is not just the creation of new and unseen, it's also revelation,
attempt to understand and communicate seemingly already known, diverse macrocosm.

Self portrait with a hat. 2015
monotype on paper. 59.5 x 42 cm

analogue typography print of a poem by William Butler Yeats. 2016
paper, typography paint. 42 x 29 cm

Ophelia. 2015
etching. 10 x 8.3 cm

Serenade. dedication to a candy. 2018.
screen printing. 29 x 42 cm

Big vs Small.
Serenade. A candy produced in Latvia since 1924. Almost everyone has their own associations with this sweet – mostly sentimental and dear.
I took the design of the candy wrapping paper and made a large screen printing.

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