Rute Marta Jansone

After the evening swim. 2014
oil on canvas. 70 x 50 cm

reflections of Rondo alla Turca by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 2015
oil and emulsion paint on canvas. 50 x 50 cm

I am the sea. 2015
oil on canvas. 65 x 90 cm

remake of Undervater by Jill Greenberg. 2015
oil on canvas. 90 x 65 cm

Fog over the river. 2015
acrilic and oil on canvas.  90 x 65 cm

Going under. 2015
acrilic and oil on canvas. 64 x 96 cm

Ophelia. 2015
Acrilic and oil on canvas / 90 x 65 cm. 2015

Self portrait - undressing. 2015
acrilic and oil on canvas. 80 x 80 cm

series Swimmers

Almost every master of the classical painting school has a composition on the subject of swimmers  it's a form for
expresing one's idea of beauty both in proportions and feelings in a direct or transferred meaning.
 In the language of
painting, it is a delicate sense of colorite and  plastic-shaped pattern of realism.
 The depiction of nudity in art has long
dominated as a source of visual pleasure for the viewer and for a long time the nude has been stable genre of art with its
own traditions and iconography, but nowadays such a classic, self-evident theme with it's idealistic meaning, is
seemingly beginning to lose its topicality.

Swimmers is a series of paintings that covers the period from autumn to spring of 2015, combining both abstract
impressions and act paintings.
 The choice of the subject is natural, because I paint what targets me – self-examination,
human body, water motive, the mood of colorssecrecy, the untold, abstraction.
 The connection between dreamsidyl,
nudity and waters is revealed to me in summer in the nature of Latvia.
 Every painting of the series is an effort to capture
some surreal moment of carelessness and love of life.
 Tere is the first swim of spring, swimming in the sunrise, the sleepy
bathing in the river in an early summer morning, a day spent at the sea, a boat ride, a timid undressing and a sporty dive
in the cool waters of autumn.

With these supposedly personal stories I flirt with the classical subject of the history of art. My series Swimmers is
a collection in which every painting can be signed with a common name, the same as in the history of art so commonly
presented titles – After a Swim, Sleeping, OpheliaAfter the SaunaFrom Work and many others.
It is contemptation of classics and ideals of beauty.


Night swim. 2015
acrilic and oil on canvas. 90 x 65 cm

Surface. 2015
acrilic and oil on canvas. 103.5 x 84 cm

Dusk. 2018
oil on canvas. 65 x 90 cm

series Sense – ONGOING

A sense is a physiological capacity of organisms that provides data for perception. Sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch
are the five traditionally recognized senses. The ability to detect other stimuli beyond those governed by these most broadly
recognized senses also exists, and these sensory modalities include temperature, kinesthetic sense, pain, balace, vibration
and various internal stimuli. But is it all?

Touch. 2018
oil on canvas. 65 x 90 cm

Dune. 2018
oil on canvas. 90 x 65 cm

Taste. 2018
oil on canvas. 65 x 90 cm

Spinney. 2018
oil on canvas. 65 x 90 cm

Smell. 2018
oil on canvas. 65 x 90 cm

Fog. 2018
oil on canvas. 90 x 65 cm

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